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Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Mom's Story

My mother wrote a story for me, and I thought I'd post it for her. Here it is...

"Mom," said Jaclyn, coming into the family room late Friday afternoon, "here goes!" She unfolded a small page of pale blue stationary. Mom didn't say anything, just closed the book she was reading and looked up. Her brown eyes said, I'm listening. So, Jaclyn began her story...

"'The Prize. Two children sang in Spring Valley's Annual Elementary School Singing Contest. Both were girls. Both sang carefully, beautifully, exceptionally. Both performed lovely but difficult solos for the local guests and judges. But, only one won.' "
"A singing contest?" Mom asked. "Sounds a bit like the writing contest between you and Claire last week. Is it?"
"I did it that way on purpose, Mom." Jaclyn bent a corner of the paper over slightly, then tried to straighten it with her thumbnail. "I'm not very good at apologies."
"Ah," said Mom. "Will Claire understand what you're trying to say through this story?"
"Yes, I'm pretty sure. She's perceptive."
"Go on, then."
"'Dawn and Dannette each received cheerful and immediate applause. But, Dawn did not receive what she absolutely and so deeply desired. Of course, the red silk ribbon was perfectly suited to Dawn's light brown hair. And, of course, the forest green silk ribbon would look excellent in Dannette's dark brown hair. That wasn't the point. It was the choice given to the winner of which ribbon she wanted. That was the important thing. Dannette chose first because she had won.' "
Jaclyn paused. Fresh in her mind was her own, recent personally painful experience. She frowned, then continued.
"'Dawn let her disappointment turn to anger. Backstage, with a pair of scissors, she destroyed Dannette's prize.' "
"Claire was the the only other contestant that gave you some competition, wasn't she?"
Jaclyn threw the paper in the air and folded her arms across her chest. "I was so mad, Mom! I purposely knocked the gift the judges gave her right out of her hands!" She took a deep breath. It's not totally destroyed, though. Just ruined."
"I'm proud of you for working through this."
Jaclyn reached out for the paper that had fallen on the couch, but suddenly jerked her hand back. "Hey," she said sarcastically, "maybe I should have just written something like, 'Once upon a time, Claire Beth Danielson and Jaclyn Michelle Carter lived at complete opposite ends of Spring Valley Road...!' "
"I think your story is good," Mom said, "in more ways than one."
Jaclyn finally grabbed the paper. "Thanks." She sat down next to her mom. "This last part is my apology." Another deep breath. "'Dawn was instantly sorry. She sincerely apologized to Dannette and purposed in her heart to replace the ribbon.
Miss Karr, one of the judges who was watching everything, called Dawn aside and gave her something - encouragement: "You now, it's not just how one sings that makes a true winner. It is the quality of the person behind the song." The End.' "
Mom smiled. "Splendid."
Early Saturday morning, Jaclyn and her mom walked up the short, gravel drive to Claire's home. One was holding in her hand the small page of pale blue stationary and a brand new, beautifully wrapped forest green writing journal.

Hope you liked the story!

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