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Saturday, October 24, 2009


First of all, I'll tell you what NaNoWriMo stands for; National Novel Writing Contest. This is what is is....It's a FREE website (click HERE to view it!) that helps you write an ENTIRE novel (about 50,000 words) in the month of November only! So if you've ever wanted to write a novel and actually finish it, I really suggest you should take a look! Here's how you start:
  • Go to the website.
  • If you are 12 or under click on the YWP (young Writer's Program) but if you are 13 or older stay on the current page.
  • Click the button on the top that says 'Sign In'.
  • Follow the instructions given. Hint: You do not have to use your real name for your username, unless you want to. You can make up any name and password as long as you remember it!
  • For the regular program, you will automatically have a 50,000 word goal. You cannot change it. For the YWP, you can set your own goal, but only before Nov. 1st. On Nov, 1st, you can start writing your novel! Have fun!
I hope this helped you in some way!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Taking a Break

Sorry I haven't posted in such a LONG time, but my story is coming VERY slowly. So, instead, I will have a voting thingy. Explanation- I will write below some of my ideas for my story, and you will (if you want to) vote Good, IDK, or Bad. Got it? Okay. Ready?...

1. My main character (her name is Nahla) is an elf. Good/IDK/Bad
2. She has two sisters and a brother; all of them are the same exact age. Good/IDK/Bad
3. She and her siblings go on a "mission" on another world. Good/IDK/Bad
4. Her sisters get injured or die (not permanently!). Good/IDK/Bad
5. She saves her brother from dying as well. Good/IDK/Bad
6. She dies (again, not permanently!) saving her brother. Good/IDK/Bad
7. What should the moral be? IDK/I'll Give My Idea When I Comment

You can give more ideas if you want to. Let the Idea Answering begin!...