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Friday, July 31, 2009

First Story

It isn't really my first story, but it's the first story I'm putting on this blog. It might have a Eragon feel to it because I've just finished reading that book for the third time. I don't know the name for this story yet, so maybe after you've read the teaser you can help me figure one out. Well, here goes....

There was no moon to reveal a wounded man running into the castles stone-floored courtyard, past the iron gate and into the castle's grasp. His breathing came in short, uneven gasps and he clutched his left arm to his chest painfully. The sharp rocks on the ground kept him stumbling, and it seemed hours before he reached the other side of the large, open space, pounding on the tall, wooden door in front of him. The man had repeatedly looked over his shoulder, as if looking for a pursuing enemy and banged on the door again, so hard it shook on its hinges. A small, horizontal crack appeared in the door, neck high, growing taller as something pushed the little door open. Two eyes and a nose appeared, scrutinizing the injured man closely. The face vanished quicker than it had appeared, and the door opened slowly with a squealing noise that made even the man shudder.
The room he entered was so dimly lit he could barely see his feet below him. It proved large, as the thump of his footsteps echoed loudly. The man fell to his knees when he stumbled over a sudden rise in the floor and cried out in pain. Suddenly a light clicked on ahead and there stood a large ruby, chiseled to form the crude likeness of a throne. Red rainbows were cast as the light reflected it, vaguely lighting the room.
Sitting on it was a tall woman with pale skin, long hair blacker than ebony, and ears that curved to a distinct point- the ears of an elf. The long dress she wore flowed to the floor and was just as black and smooth as her hair. Her head was held high, giving her a distinguished but creepy air about her. On her right temple were two darkly colored ovals intertwining each other, a birthmark all elves bore.
The man bowed, so low he squashed his nose into the elf's knee. "My queen." He was still gulping for breath, but this time from fear. Contempt gleamed in the queen's hard, black eyes. Everything about her seemed ether black or unnaturally pale, save her priceless throne.
"Ah, Luntun." Her voice cut into him with an invisible blade....

That's all I can do for now. I'll post the other half of the chapter as soon as I can. Hope you liked it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What This Blog Is...

For anyone who wants to know, this blog was made just for the stories I and my friends have written and will write someday. All of it is fiction, as I do not prefer nonfiction, and will be nothing else, so if you don't like that sort of thing, then you definitely will not enjoy it whatsoever. And, if you do like the sound of it, then please read it! Enjoy...