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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, here is the next part of the of the chapter I stopped posting in the middle of. I'll finish the rest next time. If you want to read it, then go ahead...

....."I've a know why you dare return here without the eleven of my best men I sent with you." Luntun's head was still bent. Sweat streamed from his forehead, dripping onto the velvety material of the elf's dress. He rose slowly, shaking uncontrollably.
"Coelune, your highness, when we entered that,"- Luntun's voice dropped to a strained whisper -"that forest, we all thought there was nothing in there we couldn't handle, nothing that could stop us from finding thing you sent us in there for. But then that beastly dragon appeared out of seemingly nowhere and, well, took us by surprise. I'm the only one that survived the far as I know."
Coelune, the queen, laughed coldly. Then she shook her head and said, "You are more cowardly than I had taken you to be previously, Luntun. However, that does not matter now. Only this," She looked suspiciously at the guards by the door which were leaning to their sides as so hear better the conversation, leaned in closer to Luntun, and whispered, "only this matters. I have to know if you found it. Did you find...Frayac Moora?" The last words whispered Luntun could barely make out, but they were just loud enough. A smile stole onto his lips and he nodded vigorously, rising to a full standing position despite his excruciating wounds. The queen smiled, an evil glint in her wicked eyes. "Where," Coelune whispered, "where did you find it?"
Luntun gulped, swallowing the fear in his throat that threatened to choke him. "It's in a clearing full of huts about eight miles into the forest, there's a path leading straight to it. I myself through one of the windows. It had that mark, just like you said."
The elf nodded her head slowly, then straightened up, yelling sharply, "Guards!" The guards stood up clumsily, a sheepish look mingled with exhaustion on every one of their faces. The queen continued, "I want to justly reward Luntun for his marvelous discovery." Coelune smiled mischievously at Luntun and barked, "Take him to the dungeons and prepare the gallows for his hanging tomorrow morning!" Luntun's face turned paler than the queen's and he passed out from both pain and fear, collapsing to the floor. Coelune chuckled and said, her voice rising by the word, "You shall ride into the forest this very night and return to me what I have long wanted to have! Grentagh shall be your new captain. I hope he will be more...accommodating than his previous commander." One guard nodded his head shakily and immediately led the guards out the door, forgetting Coelun's command to carry Luntun to the dungeons lying beneath the castle.
Coelune looked down at Luntun's unmoving body and whispered to him, "Of course, I hope you don't mind the changes I have made."

There it is. I hope you liked the next segment of the chapter!

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