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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here is the end of my first chapter of the story I was writing earlier. So, read on I guess...

She stood, taking an intimidating pose and said into the emptiness, "I, Coelune, queen and just guardian of the magnificent city Hiuda, here announce the coming of a great empire, a better age for all. Under the unfortunate circumstances of the present war, I will rule this fair city and all its occupants, a responsibility I will take humbly." She walked down the steps leading away from her throne, not bothering to sidestep Luntun.
"Nice speech, I must say, but I thought it was a little too typical."
The queen whirled around, but saw no one in sight. "Oanayiah?" she whispered. "Is it you that I hear?" She searched the darkness, her eyes jerking from one place to another.
"Yes, of course."A woman suddenly appeared, sitting on the throne. Her likeness in looks and voice to Coelune was impeccable, save her gown, which was of the purest satin green. Coelune stumbled back in her surprise.
"Ah, my dear sister Coelune," said Oanayiah, stressing the word. "It has been many, many years since we last set eyes on each other."
Coelune nodded stiffly, resentment showing clearly on her face. "Indeed it has, sister, although I had hoped that last meeting would be forever." She walked slowly back up the steps and said sarcastically, "I always did want to know how you managed to appear and disappear like that."
Oanayiah laughed and said, "As you know, I am the only one that has been able to turn completely invisible for any length of time, but I shall keep that vital information as to how, as you probably have guessed. I have something to say to you, which is the obvious reason for my coming to Both sides of the war have heard the legend of the Frayac know, Huuk, Deelj, Moora and Spraac. Of those four, we have managed to locate three and have them in our possession even as we speak. But as of the fourth, no-"
"We have it," Coelune interrupted.
Oanayiah gaped, then she said jerkily, " have it? But that's...terrible! How did you find it? They are impossible to find without the proper tracking devices which only we have, and even then it took us nearly a decade!"
Coelune smirked. "We have ways of completing tasks to our own advantage."
Oanayiah sighed heavily. "Well, not all hope is lost...for now." Then she gestured a hand, intending to change the subject, and said, "What a...comfy little castle you have now. How did you get this one? By stealing it, as you did the last three? Oh, no, it was two castles. Now I remember. The third one you didn't capture because you were found out and nearly killed. What a stupid mistake.
Coelune gritted her teeth angrily and hissed, "You are no longer tolerated within these gates, Oanayiah! Flee and hide like you are so good at in times of trial! The way you always do that, no wonder we're winning the war!"
Oanayiah stood up, infuriated. "Sister, these are not the right circumstances, but believe me, when the time is right, I will personally see to your end!"
With that, Oanayiah disappeared in a blur of green, a heavy draft knocking Coelune back. The last words spoken danced around the room as if they were still being said.
Coelune stood, turned, and stopped in surprise. Luntun was standing there, mock shock on his face. "I never knew you had a sister," he said, almost mockingly, then winced at the pain he felt all over, nearly consuming him.
Coelune raised a hand to hit him, but Oanayiah appeared- again suddenly -and blocked it with her forearm. "We shall meet again, Coelune," she whispered, and this time Luntun disappeared with her.
Coelune glared where her sister had just stood and said, "We shall."

There is is. I hope you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it!


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